I am a Climber - Claire

My name is Claire Sherman and I am a climber. I have been climbing at Austin Rock Gym since I was 7 years old. I wandered into the gym one day not knowing the ongoing impact it would have on my life. My mother brought me here because I was always climbing trees, fences, playgrounds, etc. As soon as I got a taste of it, I was obsessed. When a competitive team reached out to me and recommended that I join, I immediately said yes. I had no idea back then the huge role climbing would play in my life. The years since then have been filled with competitions, practices, training camps, and even week long outdoor trips. I enjoy the challenge, both physically and mentally. Many people see sports including climbing as purely physical, but I beg to differ. I would say climbing is about 40% physical ability and 60% mental mindset. If you don't have a good mindset, you are not going to perform to your full potential. As the climbing community continues to grow, someone that inspires me is Ashima Shiraishi. She quickly became a phenomena at a very young age, and she continues to compete on the national and even global level. Ashima has broken many records, both indoors and outdoors, and she continues to do so with her distinctive style of climbing. This sport is incredibly unique as it offers so many different challenges and obstacles. These are some of the many reasons that I love this incredible sport.

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