I am a Climber - Hector

My name is Hector Jimenez and I am a Climber.

I started seriously climbing in January 2020. What initially got me seriously interested in climbing, was a New Year’s Resolution in 2019, to take on a physical hobby that would challenge me and make me a better person. Starting out I did not realize how big of an impact it would have in my life.

Climbing has become an outlet for me to relax, release stress, and just have a great time. It helped get me throughsome of the most difficult times in my life, both a crazy pandemic and the break-up of a long-term relationship.What really makes climbing such a great sport, is a combination of the community and the fact that anyone can getinto, all shapes and sizes. Everyone is incredibly positive and encouraging, at all levels of the sport. You truly feel a

sense of community and comradery; even when the people climbing around you are strangers, you are getting words of encouragement and support. What inspires me to keep going, is the climbers around me and myself. I love seeing people of all shapes and sizes, finding solutions to problems that I would not think is possible; then ultimately figuring out my own solution to a problem I never thought I would be able to send. I encourage all my

friends and family to try climbing, at least once, it’s always intimidating at first, but it is truly a sport for anyone.

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