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My name is Louis Salin and I am a Climber.

I first got the climbing bug when I was about 18 years old. A friend and I signed up to a gym and we started top roping about once a week for fun. We didn’t train, we just climbed. And I remember being scared whenever there was any kind of incline and making sure my buddy was watching me instead of the girls around us. That lasted for about a year and I never climbed anything harder than a 5.9. Then came college, getting married, moving to a different city where everything was flat and having kids.

It was years before I started climbing again. I didn’t have climbing buddies so I decided that bouldering would be my thing. I was in my thirties, a bit heavier than I used to be, so progress was slow, but I eventually was able to climb V3 boulders in the gym (we won’t talk about those outdoor grades!) Eventually, I hurt something in my shoulder that was preventing me from sleeping on my side at night, so I stopped climbing and cancelled my membership to nurse that injury. Little did I know that it would take another few years before I’d start climbing again!

I’m now in my middle years and this is my third stint at rock climbing. This time, I’m going all in. I’m in my third year now and signed up for training to really attempt to get better at the sport. Progression is not something that comes easily to me so I need all the help I can get. I’ve made some new friends and started climbing outside and leading routes now. The sport is opening up to me and I’m loving it! Climbing is meditative to me and keeps me in shape, so I hope I can stay injury free and climb for many more years

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