I am a Climber - Sarah D

My name is Sarah DeLeonibus

I am a climber. Although this is a statement I am proud to boast when introducing myself nowadays, unlike many of the extensively talented and wonderfully devoted people in our community, it is not one I have identified with for a long time. Since a young age, I actually always identified with being the artsy one of the bunch, and often let full days be consumed by painting and drawing. As I got older though, I found myself being thrown into sports, and spent most of my evenings at swim, soccer and softball practice instead of creating. I did enjoy these "traditional" sports, but I could never fully commit to one since none of them really utilized my strongest asset; my creativity.


Climbing was different. I didn't start really climbing until my freshman year of college (2017). I loved the way climbing allowed me to explore all my different options and dive deep into problem solving through challenging routes, something that, as a naturally creative person, I deeply appreciated. On top of this, I could do this amazing sport in the great outdoors, where I've always found my artistic inspiration. These unique qualities of climbing inspired me to find my way back to visual art soon after my first time climbing. The fire that climbing lit inside me and the encouragement of my bosses Troy and Erica Wilson at ARG, drove me to pursue graphic design and illustration professionally. I have found climbing and art to complement each other in so many aspects of my life, and I have learned so much about myself because of this dynamic. I am forever grateful for the lessons both have taught me and will continue to teach me to become a better climber, artist, and version of myself.

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