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Am I a climber? Well, I love climbing, will that make me a climber? I guess so, right?

I grew up in a big city, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up actually sailing and the water was my medium but since I started backpacking and hiking in Patagonia, I knew that the mountains are my home now. Love everything related to the mountains and rock climbing takes the first place.

I came here to Austin with no knowledge of rock climbing but my husband climbed in Buenos Aires for quite a good amount of time. When we got here, he used to go climbing outside with his friends and he was spending the entire day outside and having fun. After several times he had promised me he was going to be home at a specific time, and then he was coming back home like 4 to 5 hours after the agreed time, I have decided to join him in this and check out the amazing activity he was doing with his friends. It was February 2002. I drove myself to the Greenbelt and I was ready to climb. After that first moment I got on the rock, that was it, after that time, I could never stop rock climbing.

I think that climbing is part of me now, I climb outdoors and indoors and I enjoy the feeling of trying hard, having a goal, feeling powerful and good! Working through the complexity of the routes and figuring out the puzzle it is. Feeling that the completion of the route depends on me and feeling that I have control over this is amazing! When I climb, I forget about the world and the problems, it is all about rock climbing. The time I spend climbing is refreshing, mentally in a way. Climbing takes effort, mental and physical effort and that is beautiful. The training is also something important and I do it quite religiously. Since I started being more consistent with my work-out and added CrossFit to it, climbing has been amazing and I am able to complete harder routes. I also have the privilege that I can climb with my husband, Hernan and my daughter, Veronika. Such a blessing!

I used to climb only outdoors but slowly I got into indoor climbing. I started climbing at the former NARG, now I call it ARG, and there I got to meet two (at the beginning, now four!) amazing people who happened to be Erica, Troy, Cooper and Cade. They are the most friendly, social, caring, fun people to be around that I have ever known. They truly care about you, about the gym, the community and they are genuine. I love coming to the gym and spending hours climbing. Thank you Erica and Troy for everything you guys do and for giving me the possibility to practice this great sport.

I admire every climber that enjoys climbing and pushing their limits but if I have to choose one, it has to be Janja Gambret. She is amazing! Check her career out!

I love rock climbing and everything that this activity brings to me.

Climb hard and safe


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