I Am A Climber

We all come to climbing for different reasons and each story is unique. In the coming weeks we will share the inspiring stories of people we have met along the way in our own climbing journey and as gym owners. At it's purest, the holds, the rock, the angles, etc. don't care what you look like, who you love, how you vote, or what you ate that day. They don't care how you arrived, they are just happy you are there. The walls stand stoic, open, ready to challenge you, ready to embrace you. They are there to share your progress, heighten your victories and stoke your inner fire. The climbs are there to help you find what you're made of or to be a solace from the monotony and mundane. The commonality is we found our way to climbing and in this space you are a climber, I am a climber, we are all climbers.

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